Our Mission

We create opportunities online for businesses to engage customers on a deeper level that inspires action. Moving our clients forward is the ultimate goal. Our methods are easily measured, targeted and trackable to clearly show return on investment. We scale to the unique needs and budgets of our clients, allowing us to adapt with them as they grow.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Thanks to devices we find ourselves spending more time in the “cloud.” We take you where your customers are spending their time and position you in front of them when they are most receptive to your messages.

Problem Solvers

Consulting is at the heart of everything we do. We uncover our clients needs and obstacles then create sound strategies that provide growth and overcome barriers both in and out of the cloud.

Forward Thinking

We are always looking for new, proven techniques to implement into our solutions that keep our clients industry leaders and moving forward in their goals.

Solutions that Scale

Need a little or a lot? Want to move slow or start fast? No matter where you are at our solutions scale to fit your needs now and as you grow.

Our Story

After years spent in corporate America and working for a full scale marketing company, founder Britney Wilson, learned that while most businesses have a strong grasp on traditional advertising, the new digital landscape was often overwhelming, overlooked and just plain scary to them. Traditional advertising methods were becoming increasingly ineffective, while online advertising showed increasing return on investment. Most businesses felt they couldn’t compete or didn’t see the full potential of this medium. She decided it was time for a change. She wanted to empower these business owners and focus on her true area of expertise in digital marketing.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Online Review Generation
  • Customer Happiness

Why not 100%? Because there is always room for improvement. Technology changes rapidly. New techniques always come along. No one can be perfect. We value honesty here.

Meet Our Team

Britney Binkley

Britney Binkley

CEO/Results Driven Marketing Consultant

Highly creative and multitalented Marketing Consultant with experience in print, traditional advertising and online media. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations, talented at building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships.

Specialties: Marketing, Advertising, Concept Development, Branding, Graphic Design, Retail Management, Print Production, Online Media & Plan Development.

Graduated Middle Tennessee University: BAS Advertising

John Mark Binkley

John Mark Binkley

Chief Financial Officer

Forward focused Chief Financial Officer, with over 4 years experience in book keeping, business management and accounting.  John Mark has managed the accounting for multiple businesses simultaneously prior to joining Cloud Cycle. During that time he recovered thousands of dollars in lost revenue for those companies. After spending many years in “the real world” he has returned to David Lipscomb University where he is further pursuing his education.

When not working he can be found outdoors with a smile on his face; hiking, kayaking, climbing and enjoying God’s creation. He’s a movie and music enthusiast making him a valued member of the Cloud Cycle after hours trivia team.


Britney is my go to person. From the very day she walked in my office, I could tell Britney was as good as it gets in creativity, accessibility and professionalism. Not only is she gifted in graphic design, but her acumen for color, detail, advertising, marketing and strategy are what sets her apart from others.

Her honestly and integrity, creativity, along with attention to detail and meeting deadlines makes her my #1 resource. I highly recommend.

Ken Michael

Co-Chief Executive Officer, iServe Residential Lending, LLC

Britney is very talented. She is constantly creating and coming up with solutions to issues. Britney would be a creative asset to any company wanting to hire her. She is very dependable and loyal. Having worked with Britney for almost 2 years, I would recommend her for a management and/or creative position.

Deann Pulley

Graphic Designer, Valutec Card Solutions

Britney is the kind of person you just want to work with. She’s kind, funny, and extremely talented. She constantly strives to learn new technologies that she can implement in her business, and it’s been amazing to watch how much she’s truly grown. I’d recommend Britney for any project be it for a small business or large corporation. Know you’ve chosen well when deciding to work with her.

David Tomlin

NOC Engineer, Concept Technology

I enjoyed working with Britney because she brought an energy and creativity to her job every day. She has the rare ability to interact successfully with both people and machines – she’s fun to work with and works extremely well in a team, yet she has the ability to learn software and systems very quickly. She applies a strong creative skillset to everything she touches and will always do whatever is necessary to meet the client’s objectives while hitting the deadlines.

Al Duggan

Vice President of Marketing, OpenEdge - a division of Global Payments

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